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Letters: Answering the U.S. census is a key to Louisiana's future

Letters: Answering the U.S. census is a key to Louisiana's future

Be in that number to shape the future of Louisiana! You only have until the extended Sept. 30 deadline to be counted in the U.S. census and it is important to the future of our state that you are.

Right now, only 58% of Louisianans have completed the census. This percentage is dangerously low when compared to the national average of 65% and Louisiana’s 2010 response rate of 61%. For every 1% of our population that complete the census, Louisiana can expect to receive an additional $120 million in important federal funding.

A lack of response could cost Louisiana dearly over the next ten years, affecting every aspect of our daily lives. The census statistics determine how billions of federal dollars are allocated annually for critical services such as roads, schools, hospitals and hundreds more public service programs. All told, each year over $1.5 trillion in federal funding is distributed based on census data. The census also determines how many seats each state receives in the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as how the boundaries for congressional, state legislative and school districts are drawn. Lastly, the census also determines whether businesses decide to (re)open in your neighborhood and how roads are planned.

This year is the first time you will be able to answer the census online (, by phone (844-330-2020) or by mail. Your information is kept anonymous by law and the answers you provide are used only to produce statistics. If you are not sure if someone in your house already filled it out, please visit the website or call. If you do not have your census ID number, you can complete the census using your address.

Taking just 10 minutes to answer a few simple questions are key to our state receiving what it needs to thrive.


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